Designer Andriy Khvorostyanov creates furniture, lighting, bicycles, vending equipment, airplanes and many other interesting and complex objects.

At the same time, Andrei does’nt consider himself an craft designer: “I need to create each object in a prototype, or make it in a single version with my own hands. Sometimes in scale, sometimes – in real size. I like to work in a workshop with materials, see a real volume, feel a similarity of my work with a sculpture. For me, this process is similar to painting in three dimensions – a completely live process. Moreover, I’m bored to sit in front of the monitor”.

For several years Khvorostyanov is engaged in kinetic art: “It’s a mix of art and technology, and is very close to me. For sure, I would like to live in the middle of gritters, timber, bearings, motors and machines – in a large warm and bright studio. The main thing is to catch the idea, cause’ for sure, we can make everything”.

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