Андрей Зинчук

Designer was seriously fascinate by the art of expressionism and modernism while he was studying at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Attempts to rethink the way of the processes in the human life have become the beginning for the most daring and radical ideas. Andrew began to draw and make small sculptures, gradually studying various “isms” in architecture, graphics, design, theater and cinema. Then – motion-design, which developed of posters for events, experiments with silk-screen.

Having finished the industrial design course at ODESD2, Zinchuk took part in the international festival Dutch Design Week, which became the first serious step in the product design. A whole week of intense communication, discussions and advice from international designers has formed a number of new ideas that Andriy Zynchuk has already embraced. The designer is currently working on a series of acrylic lighting devices. “I am looking for ways to simplify production technology and make objects more accessible to the consumer. In addition, I began experimenting with concrete-based composites, as well as working on a series of vases, candlesticks and décor”, – says Zinchuk. The creator is open for cooperation – he is looking for talented designers to collaborate and establish his own studio of product design.

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