The founder of Sergey Makhno Architects studio and Sergey Makhno Gallery – the first gallery of industrial design in Ukraine.

His creative way began with his interest in the hip-hop culture and graffiti, the lack of understanding of minimalism in the post-Soviet space, his searches and compromises. And then a friend offered to arrange a cafe and everything had started…

Now Sergey’s studio sells objects in more than 16 countries around the world, its lightning and rugs take part in world design exhibitions and his projects are published by Dezeen, Designmilk, Yatzer, Frame. He travels a lot and dreams of going around all the countries in the world. He is a huge fan of minimalism and japanese philosophy wabi-sabi.

Sergei is dreaming of the “architectural Nobel” prize – Pritzker. His another dream is to build a Museum of Ceramics, because he collects ceramic products. Serhiy already has 500 unique exhibits – Trypillian bowls, zoomorphic ceramics and vases from Japanese flea markets. Designer claims that nothing inspires him like his family – his beautiful wife Vlada and three sons: Ivan, Hikaru and Tadao.

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