Decorative CERAMICS ethno plates

Brand: Gunia Project

Design: Natalia Kamenska, Maria Gavryluk, Iryna Pavlyk

Ceramic large plates are embellished with patterns from silk kerchiefs and painted by hand.

The idea to combine decorative and utilitarian functions mirror folk tradition – from ancient times the household items were designed for everyday usage as well as for beautifying the house space.

Size: 45×45 cm

Product designs may vary. Additionally indicate the desired pattern.

Quoted price per item.

Gunia Project is a brand of exceptional things produced on the basis of traditional ethnic

cultures. Each collection is a unique combination of design thinking, deep ethnographic research and artistic

approach towards craftsmanship. The brand employs folk crafts and gives heed to the slightest details of

traditional culture to create designer artisanal pieces perfectly fit for the needs of everyday life.



Production time

2-4 weeks



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