Contemporary lounge chair COZY LEAF


Cozy Leaf is a lounge chair for public and private interiors. Wooden base with broken surfaces, rectangular legs with geometric transitions. And a refined soft part with a large seat.

A complex form is wrapped in minimalism. Like a dropping leaf from the kidney on a tree branch, it envelops the person sitting in it, creating a sense of security and privacy. The wood of neutral color and the fabric of pastel colors will successfully blend in modern interiors, the chair will join the existing space and become one with it.

The chair has four color schemes and is equipped with a pillow for the back.



Fabric, Ply-curve fibre board, Wood

Production time

2-4 weeks


Black, Caramel, Graphite, Green




(H) 1034 x (W) 870 x (L) 700 mm, Seat height: 415 mm

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