Table SE NYX

Brand: Ryntovt Design

Design: Yuriy Ryntovt

SE NUX collection concept and our artistic approach is a dialogue with the surrounding us world & nature. The main idea of the collection is the penetration, combination and integration of different materials in one furniture piece.

The SE NUX collection is the expression, dynamics and diversity of the natural wood texture, which is enclosed in strict forms of furniture geometry. It is an expression of the dialectical understanding of harmony as the unity and struggle of opposites: organic and artificial, natural principle and human essence.

The textures of walnut, ash and acacia solid wood reveals an incredible palette for creation of an art object and an exclusively functional product at the same time. Each piece acquires not only individuality, but its own character. As a result, furniture can be easily integrated into any environment, since its visual code is so universal.

All of us are part of one living organism, which we should treat with certain respect and love. All of us are living in one connected system in which spiritual intersects with material in one whole and where quotient always reflects the whole; where human is inside the world till last molecule. On these philosophy based my art and formed my way of thinking and way of working.


Concept SE NUX collection is made in the author’s technique intarsia.

Materials: solid wood of walnut + intarsia of walnut

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 2,300 × 900 × 750 mm

2300 (L) x 900 (H) x 750 (H), 3000 (L) x 1000 (W) x 750 (H)



Production time

6-12 weeks

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