woolkrafts boys

Woolkrafts is the Ukrainian brand of plaids with original design. Back in 2014, co-founders and friends – Oleg Mikhailov and Yaroslav Yakovenko – decided to create a product of their dreams.

From the beginning and till now, the philosophy of the brand is in the statement that plaid is a cool present – attractive, warm and high quality. It must make a mood. And the Woolkrafts plaid is 100% about carress. If you think about it, it is an embodiment of heat in itself . And at the same time, it’s easy to warm everyone around.

In collections of the brand, you can see plaids with interesting modern designs. All of them are made in Ukraine from natural cotton, as well as from the mix of cotton with acrylic. There is also a children’s series that kids will definitely like!

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